Don't Let Mold Fester In Your Home

Don't Let Mold Fester In Your Home

Ask about our drywall demolition work in Holliston and Framingham, MA

If you've noticed a mold outbreak in your home, contact P.C. Mold Solutions, LLC right away. We handle drywall demolition for Holliston and Framingham Massachusetts-area homeowners. Our crew will inspect your walls and remove the areas affected by mold quickly. You won't have to worry about breathing contaminated air once we've finished our work - your home will be safe for living.

Call 508-561-2619 now to arrange for drywall demolition.

We'll get rid of all areas contaminated by mold

P.C. Mold Solutions goes above and beyond for our clients. We understand how fast mold can spread. You can trust us to get rid of every infected area so you can stay safe from this toxic substance. Our mold demolition services in Holliston and Framingham Massachusetts include:

  • Window sill removal
  • Flooring removal
  • Water damage restoration

Once we've removed the damaged features, we'll start the mold remediation process to take care of any lingering spores.

Reach out to us today get a free estimate on mold demolition. We charge flat rates for our work.